PIN Holds Cybercrime Panel During AITEC Africa Conference July 2014


Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) will convene a panel discussion on Cybercrime at the AITEC Africa Conference in July 2014. The panel aims to discuss the Cybercrime Bill 2013; its timing, the controversies surrounding it and what should really be done about cybercrime in Nigeria without hurting Internet Freedom.

According to Gbenga Sesan, PIN Executive Director, “the panel aims to discuss the Cybercrime Bill 2013, if the bill is a little too late, the controversies surrounding the bill, and what Nigeria should really do about cybercrime without hurting Internet Freedom.”

He said: “Rapid technological developments have provided vast areas of new opportunity and potential sources of efficiency for organizations of all sizes. These new technologies which we all rely upon have, however, also brought with them unprecedented threats. Examples of these threats are hacking, data tampering, online fraud, cyber- bullying and many more. These threats are surprisingly cheap to execute (especially depending on the type of threats and its effect) and can be very devastating to both personal lives and organizations, especially with online frauds which have been termed 419 scams by the Nigerian public and has given us an infamous reputation. These have also led to the Nigerian government finally taking up the issue and creating a cybercrime bill in Nigeria which is currently on the floor of the National Assembly.”

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