PIN Holds Internet Policy Training, TENT Workshop in Benin


Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) plans to hold its first Internet Policy training for 2014 in Benin City on March 18 to 20, 2014. The training will have participants from relevant media and civil society organizations from the South-South geo political zone of Nigeria. It will be facilitated by a team of experts through discussions around Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Law, Internet Freedom Advocacy in Nigeria, The Internet, Internet Infrastructure and Main Actors, ICT Policy in Nigeria, Internet Policy and Regulation; and a Master Class on Digital Security. The training will also feature daily panels and discussions on advocacy strategies, technology tools, and next steps for participants.

Mr. Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, PIN
Mr. Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, PIN

PIN is also having its Techie Entrepreneurial Nigerian Talented (TENT) workshop in Benin at Benson Idahosa University from March 21 to 22, 2014. According to the organizers, they said: “TENT seeks to expose today’s Nigerian technology students to technology, business and leadership requirements for ICT innovation.” They hope that TENT will “help jumpstart the culture of innovation and enterprise in the mould of global technology brands which all began from the university halls of their young founders.”

PIN which will be hosting 750 students at this TENT Workshop hopes to get the students in the region acquainted with the TENT project. Their mission for these students is to “encourage them to start working on business plans and ideas so they don’t graduate with CVs but with businesses.”

PIN has also launched the TENT Angel Investment Scheme, as endowed by Nick Jekogian, the Keynote Speaker at TENT Gathering 2012, who contributed the first N1 million. According to PIN “The scheme is available to students who are part of TENT’s 5-year mentorship project as it continues to roll out in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.” Three winners have been selected from the ongoing project at Obafemi Awolowo University. “Our role is to help students make the best of their time in school so that they graduate with tech businesses or business plans that are ready to fly and not just CVs” says Mr. Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, PIN.

PIN will also open its call for application to its internship program for under graduates and graduates who have interest in Internet Policy to further create awareness and create a community of policy experts from March 2014.

For more information on the Internet Policy training, kindly click here. To register to attend TENT workshop, kindly click here