Political Thugs Attack Journalist in Oshogbo

Prince Hameed Oyegbade
Daily Trust TV correspondent

Some political thugs, suspected to be working for the All Progressives Congress (APC), attacked Prince Hameed Oyegbade, Daily Trust TV correspondent on October 15, 2022 at about 1:37pm local time while covering the local government election at the election collation center at Awosuru in Osogbo, Osun State.

The problem started when the thugs said they would not allow any journalist to cover the election. They threatened to destroy Hameed’s phone and kill him when he wanted to enter the collation center. When he attempted to educate them on the laws guiding election coverage and that they have no right tell him what to do and what not do they were enraged and descended on him.

A local government chairman and a few other members of the APC cautioned the overzealous ones who attacked him before they drew back and left him alone.

Hammed was attached in the presence of some of police officers but they did nothing to prevent the attack. After the situation had calmed down, a police officer from Ataoja Division Police Headsquare approached the journalist and politely appealed to him to leave the environment.

Hameed said “the experience was traumatizing. The action of the APC members was not a big deal. Of course, as a journalist, I know it’s part of the job hazards. The most unfortunate part that made me sad was the role of the police officers in particular.”