Poynter Institute Hosts Free Course on Fact-Checking


The Poynter Institute E-learning Project and American Press Institute are jointly offering a Fact-Checking programme to journalists and others who want to learn basic fact-checking skills and best practices.

The online programme is designed to help participants gain the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to begin or improve a high-quality fact-checking programme – independently or in an organisation. For those already involved in fact-checking, the course offers instructions on advancing and enhancing those efforts.

The goal of the programme is to Increase fact-checking efforts around the world, especially in emerging democracies or countries where data might not be readily available and government policies or regulations hinder fact-checking efforts.

Participants will learn the process of fact-checking common mistakes and how to avoid them; how to identify and assess credible sources; how to find funding sources for their fact-checking product; how to reach and respond to audiences; best practices for live fact-checking and more.

The opportunity is open to journalists from different news organisations whose jobs include reporting on the accountability of decision-makers, government officials and leaders with the power to impact civic life; non-journalists with a passion for the truth who want to learn basic fact-checking skills and best practices; as well as journalists and non-journalists who want to establish fact-checking organisations and seek funding.

It is a self-directed course, in which participants can start and stop whenever they like, progressing entirely at their own pace and going back as many times as they want to review the material.

The course is free with support from the Democracy Fund, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Omidyar Network, the Rita Allen Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

For further information about the course, please visit: http://www.newsu.org/courses/fact-checking