Press Freedom Coalition Applauds Court Ruling Ordering Federal Government to Investigate Attacks Against Journalists


The Coalition for Whistleblowers Protection and Press Freedom (CWPPF) has applauded the February 16, 2024 judgment of a Federal High Court in Abuja ordering the Federal Government to investigate attacks against journalists, describing it as a significant milestone in the defence of press freedom and the protection of journalists’ rights.

CWPPF expressed solidarity with Media Rights Agenda (MRA), which filed the lawsuit that resulted in the court’s verdict by Justice Inyang Ekwo in which he ordered the Federal Government to investigate all attacks against journalists, prosecute and punish perpetrators, and prevent further assaults on journalists.

The coalition endorsed the court’s decision and called on the Federal Government to take concrete steps to prevent attacks on journalists, thoroughly investigate past incidents, prosecute those responsible, and provide effective remedies for victims.

It urged the Federal Government to swiftly implement the court’s orders to demonstrate its commitment to upholding press freedom and protecting journalists’ rights as failure to do so would not only breach its statutory duty but also undermine fundamental principles of democracy and accountability.

The Coalition also advised the Government to conduct awareness-raising activities and capacity-building efforts to educate stakeholders, including policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and media practitioners, on the laws and standards governing the safety of journalists.

It reaffirmed its support for MRA’s effort in promoting media freedom and defending journalists’ rights, saying: “As advocates for press freedom, CWPPF reaffirms its support for MRA’s efforts in promoting media freedom and defending the rights of journalists. Together, we will continue to champion transparency, accountability, and the crucial role of a free press in democratic societies.”