PrivacyCo Calls for Research Proposals on Promoting Digital Rights Globally

Simon Migliano
Head of Research,PrivacyCo

PrivacyCo is calling for research proposals for grants from researchers and postgraduate students to conduct original research that helps advance digital rights globally, particularly research that uncovers hidden threats to digital rights through technical research methods.

The programme accepts applications on a rolling basis, with candidates invited to apply for up to US$10,000 in funding. Approval will be dependent on the quality and originality of the proposed research coupled with its potential to shape and influence digital rights debates.

The final report will be made available on To apply, applicants should please email a one-page concept note outlining their methodology, potential findings and funding requirements.

PrivacyCo areas of interest are:  Authoritarian Internet Governance, Censorship Circumvention Techniques, and Internet Shutdowns. However, applicants who have proposals outside of these listed areas are encouraged to please contact Samuel with a brief description of the topic prior to submitting a concept note.

To apply, please submit a one-page concept note containing a brief outline of the proposed research, methodology, and a short author biography.

Concept notes will be reviewed and successful candidate(s) will then be invited to provide a full project outline, with details on the proposed duration of the research and proof of feasibility. Evidence of engaging with the ethical considerations of the research methodologies will also be required.

Once complete, the findings of the research will be published in full on PrivacyCo’s main website, is an independent VPN review website that champions internet privacy, security and freedom through its independent testing, research and investigations. Founded in 2016 by technology entrepreneur Antonio Argiolas, its mission is to make digital privacy, security, and freedom simple and available for everyone through the use of VPN services.

For further details and to apply, please visit