PRTV Launches Presence on GOtv Nigeria


Planet Radio TV (PRTV) entered into the Nigerian digital broadcasting sphere with its launch on 13 August 2013 on GOtv Nigeria digital broadcasting bouquet. PRTV signals will now be received as one of the channels available to GOtv subscribers in Nigeria.

The CEO for PRTV, Mabel Mabaso said that PRTV’s presence on GOtv Nigeria will not only set new trends for its new audience but also define itself within the new globalised community.

Mabaso said “Our content is 80% African and 20% international – a ratio which we believe speaks to the inspirational and traditional aspects of viewers.”

According to the General Manager of GOtv Nigeria, Elizabeth Amkpa, “PRTVs arrival on GOtv is another example of the vast quantity and continuing quality that GOtv brings to subscribers.”

Amkpa said GOtv was extremely proud to have PRTV on its platform adding that it is a channel that has proven the power of multimedia for content and that it is growing phenomenally. She said with leading music personalities and programming, the new station is a perfect match for the diverse and compelling content that GOtv offers Nigerian subscribers.

PRTV offers four special packages: Gold; Silver; Bronze; and Platinum which differ based on prices and number of programs available to subscribers on each package. PRTV signals can be received on channel 73 on GOtv and GOtv Plus.