Publisher Alleges Threat to his Life over Publication

Mr. Haruna Mohammed Salisu,
The publisher of WikkiTimes

Mr. Haruna Mohammed Salisu, the publisher of WikkiTimes has cried out that he and his family have been threatened following the publication of an investigative report exposing how Yakubu Dogara, a former speaker of the House of Representatives and the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), allegedly squandered N1 billion meant for a constituency school project.

Haruna said, “At about 3:27 pm, my younger brother called me and told me that some three men in Peugeot 406 with a covered number plate came to my house and were asking for my whereabouts.”

“He told them that I have travelled, and they asked if he was aware of a ‘damaging’ story I did about Yakubu Dogara. He told them that he was not aware of anything.

Haruna said the men then left a message for him saying “.. since I have done my own, I should wait for their own.”

The threats came hours after a group Dogara Digital Media Support Team wrote and circulated a purported rejoinder debunking WikkiTimes’ investigation.

This threat to the publisher and his family is coming just three months after a similar threat was issued to him following an investigation which detailed how Makkah Eye Clinic, owned by Saudi Arabia Albasar International Foundation, deviated from its creed of affordable healthcare and resorted to charging clients three times the amount in similar private

Dogara has threatened to institute legal action against Haruna over the report. In a a letter to the publisher, Dogara demanded an immediate retraction of the story and a written apology within three days from the date of the receipt of the letter or risk legal action.