Reuters Foundation Seeks Applications for Training on Reporting Illicit Finance Flows

Monique Villa, CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Monique Villa, CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation

The Thomson Reuters Foundation, in partnership with the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME), is calling on journalists working  in Africa to apply to take part in a long-term scheme that will develop their ability to report on illicit finance flows.

Selected applicants will participate in an intensive training covering illicit finance, reporting on companies’ accounts and budgets and investigative techniques. They will propose one or more story ideas and receive modest funding to pursue and publish or broadcast their stories.

Interested journalists who must have at least two years of professional journalism experience must be ready to spend significant time working on illicit finance stories or investigations.

Journalists who are familiar with investigative journalism, reporting on finances and/or dealing with numbers more generally will have an advantage during selection. But those who have a strong motivation to learn about and understand these issues will also be considered.

The competition is open to applicants who are either freelancers or staff journalists to apply. Journalists working for a news organisation will need consent from their editor to take part. Freelancers would be expected to provide evidence that one or more media organisations will be willing to publish or broadcast their work. Journalists working in any medium or multiple media (print, online, radio or television) are welcome to apply.

Applicants who should be based in Africa and working for one or more African media organisations must be fluent in English or French. There will be an opportunity for Arabic-speaking journalists to apply in 2018.

Application closes on 9th October 2017

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