Second Edition of Data Journalism Unconference Holds in UK


The Global Editors Network in partnership with BBC News will hold the second edition of Data Journalism Unconference, a free invitation only event, on May 23, 2017 at the BBC Old Broadcasting House in London, United Kingdom.
The event will provide audience with keys of the debate through sessions and presentations that are short and engaging.
The organisers say they expect 60 participants from five continents at the event adding that lessons from last year’s Data Journalism Unconference will be reviewed and built upon.
They promise the event will create a unique and exclusive opportunity for the exchange of ideas on how teams, techniques and models vary from one country to the other, with the ultimate goal to initiate fruitful international collaborations.
Latest journalism trends such as VR, drone journalism, machine learning and sensor technologies will all be discussed while there would also be sessions on trust or monetization with participants deciding which to attend.

Participants will learn in a peer-to-peer situation, where everybody’s voice is heard.

The Data Unconference will also feature Fishbowl discussions, human spectrograms, rapid case studies, workshops and group talks whose content will be decided by the participants.

Each participant is expected to be actively involved throughout the sessions and also contribute in shaping the agenda of the Unconference.

Facilitators will be present to moderate proceedings and ensure the day goes smoothly.

On May 22 and 24, 2017, invited guests will be privileged to attend the Study and guided tours led by data team editors, organised by the Global Editors Network in four of the most famous data journalism newsrooms in London (list yet to be confirmed).

Persons interested in being part of this event are encouraged to visit this link to request an invite now.

At the end of the event, the shortlist of The Data Journalism Awards 2017, will be announced. This will provide guests with a unique perspective on the latest data journalism trends.

The Data Journalism Unconference is being organised with support from Google and Chartbeat.