SIN Campaign Partners Hold Retreat in Lagos


The Stop Impunity Nigeria Campaign convened a strategic retreat of implementing partners of the Campaign in January 2015 at Adna Hotel in Lagos. The implementing organizations, Human Development Initiatives (HDI), Media Rights Agenda (MRA), Community Life Project (CLP) and Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) were represented.

The retreat featured a meeting aimed  at examining the successes and short comings of the campaign and making deliberations on the roles the Campaign is to play in the forthcoming 2015 elections.

The meeting reflected on the S.I.N. Campaign activities and their implementation over the two year project period taking note of the achievements and success stories as well as challenges faced.

Participants at the retreat mapped out activities that the organizations would engage in for the elections and also scheduled the timeline of the activities including continuous social media engagement which can be followed through the Campaign Twitter handle @stopimpunityNG.

The meeting also featured discussions on strategies for continued engagement with the Anti-Impunity Campaign, expansion of the use and engagement of Social Media for greater effect and impact, structure of collaboration and next steps to take towards better achievement of the goals of the S.I.N Campaign.