Soldier Threatens to Shoot Journalist


On March 19, 2023, a soldier, identified as Lance Corporal Samson, who was among a team of military personnel who mounted a roadblock attacked journalists who were on official assignments, covering the governorship and House of Assembly elections in Kontagora Local Government Area of Niger state. He threatened to shoot one of the journalists.

The soldiers had mounted a roadblock in front of the Landmark Radio Station in Kontagora and an under-aged boy shifted a plank placed by the soldiers on the road to enable the reporters who are Landmark Radio staff to pass, but the action infuriated the soldiers who then subject the lad to various punishments.

Unhappy that an innocent boy was being punished for committing no offence, the journalists explained to the soldier what had transpired but the angered soldier threatened to shoot one of the reporters, ordering him to take over the punishment being meted out to the young boy.

The journalists, who were wearing their press jackets, tried to identify themselves with their tags but the soldier would not listen.

It took the intervention of the leader of the team who is a senior officer (Lieutenant Colonel) to resolve the matter, yet the soldier remained adamant.