Tarbell Fellowship Opens for Early-Career Journalists

Jan-Willem van Putten
Co-founder & Director, Training for Good

Training for Good, an impact-focused training organization, which runs fellowships that place talented professionals in impactful careers, is accepting entries from early-career journalists from around the world for its Tarbell Fellowship representing a unique opportunity to do great journalism, covering topics that could have a major impact on the lives of billions, such as global poverty and existential risks.

The programme incorporates expert speakers, feedback and mentorship from experienced journalists. Upon graduation, fellows are expected to bring their impact-focused perspective to major newsrooms and publications around the globe.

Fellows will spend the year building skills and a strong portfolio to accelerate their journalism career and will receive a stipend of up to $50,000 to support placements at major publications and independent freelance reporting.

As the fellowship is not associated with a specific news outlet, fellows must work hard to gain experience. Stipends may be used to support freelancing, placements in major newsrooms, or the production of other forms of journalism.

The fellowship is a full-time commitment; journalism being a highly competitive industry, fellows are expected to be completely focused on succeeding.

The fellowship is entirely remote which enables fellowship to support rising journalism talent from around the globe.

However, fellows are strongly encouraged to move to international journalism hubs for the duration of this fellowship.

Applications close on October 9, 2022.

For more information and to apply, please visit: https://www.tarbellfellowship.org/fellowship.