Texas A&M University photojournalism program, Calls for entries

Edwin C. Price, Center on Conflict and Development
Edwin C. Price, Chair,   Center on Conflict and Development

The Center on Conflict and Development (ConDev) at Texas A&M University is now accepting applications from graduate and undergraduate students for its Student Media Grants Program. It is a photojournalism award that encourages students to use innovative methods to research and chronicle issues facing fragile and conflict-affected nations.

Selected participants will be expected to commit to a three-month period engaging in international development issues through extension activities, internships or student research. They must document their experiences through a series of posts for the ConDev Blog and photo and/or video journalism.

Students should submit proposals that describe their expected travel, research and photo subjects. Possible topics include food insecurity, health, education, land tenure and poverty in fragile and conflict-affected nations.

To ensure that students submitting proposals in ‘high-risk’ locations are not at a disadvantage, organiser will allow students who are concerned that their first option might not get approved (due to safety concerns) to submit TWO proposals: a ‘high-risk’ proposal and a ‘lower-risk’ proposal.

The two proposals will be judged (and scored) completely separately, but student can copy and paste parts from one proposal to the other to save on time, especially if the subject matter is similar for the two proposals.

Applicants should ensure that their budget does not surpass the $5000 limit

For more information, visit http://condevcenter.org/student-media-grant/