The Epoch Times Hosts Journalism Contest, Calls for Entries

Valentin Schmid, Business Editor, Epoch Times
Valentin Schmid, Business Editor, Epoch Times

The Epoch Time is calling for submissions of entries of short articles, written in journalistic style, with viral potential on social media for its 2017 Inspiring the World Journalism Competition.

The competition is in five groups and all entries will be judged against other submissions in the same group.

Each group has different time of submission as follows: group 1 closes on July 24, 2017, group 2: Aug. 7, 2017, group 3: Aug. 21, 2017, group 4: Sept. 4, 2017 and group 5: Sept. 18, 2017

The competition also comes in stages. The first stage is called Editor’s Choice at which Epoch Times editors will judge all submissions within a group and award points based on original topic, embodiment of the contest theme, engaging storytelling, and clean and publish-ready copy. Editor’s Choice winners will be published on The Epoch Times website, with their byline. Winning authors will be notified through email.

The second stage is called Reader’s Choice at which all Editors’ Choice winners will be promoted on Facebook using the Facebook post they submit with their entry. The Epoch Times will tag their posts to alert them that their entries have gone live if they provided their Facebook identity. After 72 hours, fans reaction will be recorded and points will be awarded based on reader engagement. Posts that perform well also have the chance to be shared on more Facebook pages across Epoch Media Group – which together reaches over 55 million fans.

Stage 3 is the ‘Inspiring the World Grand Prize Awards’. At the this stage, ‘Inspiring the World Grand Prizes’ will be awarded based on total points earned in the Editor’s Choice and the Reader’s Choice stages. All three groups will be evaluated together during this stage. Grand Prize winners will be awarded after the final deadline. Winners will be notified via email.

Interested applicants must write about true, real-life events in journalistic style of between 500 to 1,000 words, submit at least one (1) photo, but applicants can submit as many supporting photos and/or videos as they like and they must include captions for all photos: a brief description telling who, what, where, and when, and the credit for the photo, applicants topics and language should be appropriate for all ages.

Writing style should be a mixture of journalistic reporting and great storytelling (reporting conveys information; storytelling creates an experience). Applicants should include all sources from their reporting to help Epoch Times editors fact-check their stories for example, links to sources, links to profiles of interview subjects and any relevant documents, etc.

Applicants should aware that the goal is to make the reader feel compelled to click into their articles, but it must not be misleading. Applicants may enter without a Facebook post, in which case Epoch Times senior editors will create a post for applicant’s article submission.

The first, second and third place winners will receive US$5,000, US$3,000 and US$1,500, respectively. There is also an honorable mention prize worth US$200.

The final deadline for submission of entries is September 18, 2017

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