The God Elijah…..

The best FIFA World Cup Tournament to date, it’s the 2010 FIFA World South Africa. That FIFA campaign had the best to offer to the world. We had a young Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Iniesta and a great statesman Nelson Mandela . I witnessed very different cultures and lifestyle. From the Hotels, passing by the uniquely built Townships to the stadiums. The food was very interesting as well. Coming back on the field, I think 2010 World cup was blessed with World Football Superstars. It was football galaxy . Looking at Spanish 2010 FIFA world cup squad, Germany squad, Argentina squad, England squad. The passion of African people in General was amazing, they came together particularly when Ghana was the only hope, they almost pushed the Ghanaian over the line but unfortunately Luis Suarez was a big difference between Ghana and Glory. I have worked in FIFA World Cups for some time now, but I keep on commemorating the South Africa and African World Cup whenever I have adequate time. I don’t get enough repeating those memories