The Hague to Host the 2022Annual Meeting of Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

Chris Painter
President of the GFCE Foundation Board

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), a multi-stakeholder community of more than 160 members and partners from all regions of the world which aims to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally, will hold the 2022 edition of its annual meeting in The Hague, Netherlands from the September 13 to 15, 2022.

The Meeting will bring the GFCE Community together in person to reflect on its developments and activities, explore the GFCE’s coordination role in identified areas (e.g. gender, UN processes, regions), and exchange ideas and updates on key topics.

Towards 2023, the GFCE plans to focused on “Coordination for the Future”, to leverage and streamline existing efforts, avoid duplication, strengthen global cooperation, and foster knowledge sharing.

Central to the GFCE’s efforts in improving coordination will be: reinforcing a demand-driven approach through expansion with regional (locally based) liaisons and offices; and mobilizing resources for cyber capacity building through the organization of the Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building in 2023.

During these three days of the meeting, several representatives from governments, NGOs, International Organizations, academic & tech communities, and civil society will join GFCE.

The Annual Meeting 2022 will provide:

  • Updates on the GFCE’s way forward; 
  • Presentation of the cyber threat landscape by the private sector;  
  • Consultation on the Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building; 
  • Introduction to the GFCE’s regional efforts; 
  • Discussions on gender inclusivity in cyber capacity building, GFCE’s role vis-à-vis UN Processes and GFCE’s developments.

 The meeting will provide a platform for all the participants to have the opportunity to interact with each other both formally and informally through several organized events and networking opportunities.