Traditional Religion Devotee Arrested, Arraigned for Allegedly Defaming Monarch, Remanded in Custody

Mr. Adegbola Abdulazeez

A popular Isese (a Nigerian traditional religion) devotee and activist, Mr. Adegbola Abdulazeez, a.k.a. Talọlọrun (Who is God), was on August 16, 2023, arrested in Ibadan, Oyo State, for allegedly insulting Alhaji Sulu Gambari, the Emir of Ilorin, and taken to Ilorin, Kwara State where he was detained.

Adegbola was also accused of planning to start a war in Ilorin by inviting other traditional and idol worshippers to assemble in the city on August 20, 2023; burning the Quran and insulting some Islamic clerics.

On August 17, he was arraigned before a magistrate court in Ilorin and was further remanded in a correctional facility.

On August 23, he was again arraigned at the Upper Area Court in Ilorin. He was charged with criminal conspiracy, insulting or exciting contempt of religious creed, criminal defamation and inciting disturbance contrary to Section 97, 210, 392 and 114 Of Penal Code Law.

The charge reads, “On 03/08/2021 at about 1300hrs, the above-captioned case was reported to the commissioner of police, Kwara State command, through a letter of petition written by Association of Proud Sons and Daughters of Ilorin Emirate, Ilorin, Kwara State against you Adegbonla Abdulazeez Talolorun, M of No 53 Adeyemo Layout, Molete, Ibadan, Oyo State for discreet investigation.

“That sometime lately in the month of July 2023, the attention of the president, Alhaji Muritala Abdulkareem Baba Bariga and other members was drawn to the videos on Youtube channel that were posted by you Adegbonla Abdulazeez Tololorun wherein you blasphemed Islam religion, burnt Qur’an, defamed some Islamic scholars in Ilorin.

“That you specifically mention Alfa Ahmad Labeeb Agbaji, Alfa Abdulsalam Baba Tonile Okuta-Agidi, that his father, late Mohammad-Lawal Okuta Agidi that was an idol worshipper, fake cleric and has a shrine in Ilorin.

“You also defame Chief Iman of Offa Alhaji Muhideen Salman Hussein.

“They also stated that you are threatening to cause war in Ilorin and its environs by sending different write-ups on your page on social media inviting other traditional and idol worshippers to assemble in Ilorin on the 20th of August 2023.

“Investigation conducted at the surveillance section, State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Ilorin, revealed that you Adegbonla Abdulazeez Talolorun ‘M’ of No 53 Adeyema layout, Molete, Ibadan Oyo State, criminally conspired together with others at large, to insult Islamic religion, defamed the character Alfa Ahmad Labeeb Agbaji, Alfa Abdulsalam Baba Tonile Okuta-Agidi and Chief Imam of Offa, Alhaji Muhideen Salman Hussein.”

After the court session, Mr. Adedamola Solesi, one of the lawyers representing him addressed other Isese adherents who came to the court. He said Adegbola could barely walk or stand in court due to the severe beatings he received in detention.