Trusting News Host Webinar Series for Journalists

Joy Mayer, Founder and Director of Trusting News
Joy Mayer, Founder and Director of Trusting News

Joy Mayer, founder and director of Trusting News, will host a series of five trusting news webinars on how journalists can actively earn news consumers’ trust and ultimately empower their mediums to demonstrate credibility and win trust.

Participants will learn how people decide what news to trust; what decisions they can make as a journalists that will invite people to see their work as credible; how to build trust through transparency and help their audiences better understand the news overall; questions, tools and evidence-based strategies to actively demonstrate credibility and earn trust and Insight to fundamental questions related to the future of the industry.

The webinar is free and organized for newsroom journalists, editors and cross-functional team members at any level and journalists who want to do something about the problem of mistrust in news.

It will cover key areas such as invite your audience to know your mission and motivation; describe your journalistic ethics and decision-making and building trust with election coverage.

Trusting News is a project of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) and the American Press Institute(API) launched in 2016. Since then, Trusting News staff have been working with news organizations to help them understand distrust, employ audience feedback strategies and demonstrate credibility.

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