UK MPs Join Campaign to End Repression, Impunity in The Gambia


The Media Foundation for West Africa’s (MFWA) campaign to end repression and impunity in Gambia has caught the attention of 24 British Members of the Parliament, who joined the campaign after an endorsement of a motion on July 3, 2013 on the worsening human rights conditions in The Gambia.

President Jammeh of  The Gambia

According to MFWA, “The 19-year rule of President Jammeh has been characterized by brutal repression of citizen’s rights to free expression. Freedom of speech and media rights have remained stifled mainly through the application of inimical laws and the meting out of stiffer punishments after politically motivated trials.”

“The motion signed urged the UK government to lead an international effort to secure a UN resolution against Africa’s most repressive nation and to put The Gambian horrific human rights record at the centre of the international agenda.”

Legislative representative of the UK Parliament has urged their government to halt assets of perpetrators of rights violations in the Gambia and disallow their entry into the UK.

MFWA has commended legislators in the UK for their support and enthusiastic drive to improve human rights conditions in the Gambia, and also used the opportunity to call on other international community to join the campaign against the massive repression and impunity in the Gambia.

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