Unwanted Witness to Host 5th Privacy Symposium Africa in Mauritius


Unwanted Witness, a civil society organisation founded in 2012 to promote online freedoms and protect digital rights in Uganda, will organise the fifth edition of the Privacy Symposium Africa (PSA). Scheduled to take place from November 7 to 9, 2023, the symposium will be hosted by the Data Protection Office in Port Louis, Mauritius.

The event, which will explore the theme “Navigating Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation,” is aimed at bringing together academics, researchers, policymakers, and industry practitioners to discuss latest trends and challenges related to data privacy and data protection in healthcare, finance, education, and media in the age of digital transformation.

PSA seeks to provide a platform for researchers to share their latest findings on data protection and privacy-related issues in these sectors and to engage in meaningful discussions on how to address these challenges.

Since its establishment in 2019 by Unwanted Witness, the PSA has offered innovative propositions in legal, regulatory, academic, policy and technological development in the area of Privacy and Data Protection. The platform gathers the Business community, ICT experts, academics, lawyers, regulators, policy-makers, and civil society for three days of inspiring keynote addresses, thought-provoking panels, master classes, and limitless high-value networking.

The following are part of the activities lined up for the PSA:

  1. Pan-African Privacy Regional Engagements – Privacy Regional Engagements are integral to PSA, promoting awareness, discussions, and capacity-building on privacy issues in specific African regions. These engagements involve workshops, round-table discussions, and stakeholder consultations, fostering knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and creating networks among government agencies, civil society organizations, academia, industry players, and individuals. These engagements contribute to the development of robust privacy frameworks and practices across the continent.
  2. Research Presentation (Call for Papers) – The call for papers invites experts and researchers to submit work related to privacy, data protection, and digital security in the African context. It provides a platform for engagement with the latest developments and discussions on the future of privacy in Africa.
  3. Master Classes – Master Classes offer in-depth training on various privacy-related topics, led by experienced professionals. Topics include Lean Data for Information Technology, Privacy and Data Protection Compliance for Healthcare Practitioners, Data Protection and Privacy for Lawyers, Privacy and Data Protection for Journalists, and Privacy and Data Protection for the Financial Sector. These classes empower participants with practical knowledge.
  4. Tributes – PSA pays tribute to individuals and organizations making significant contributions to privacy in Africa. This recognition includes awards, keynote speeches, media coverage, dedicated sessions, and panel discussions.
  5. Meet-Ups – Meet-Ups provide opportunities for participants to network and discuss common interests or goals related to privacy and data protection. These informal gatherings encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among attendees, fostering connections among like-minded individuals.
  6. Privacy Scorecard Report – The Privacy Scorecard assesses and evaluates the privacy practices of organizations and companies. It covers privacy policies, data collection and use practices, and security measures. This year’s report focuses on privacy and data protection regimes in Uganda, Kenya, and Mauritius, offering insights and recommendations for policymakers, businesses, and individuals.
  7. Panel Discussions – Panel discussions serve as a platform for insightful discussions on the latest developments and challenges in privacy and data protection. Experts provide valuable insights, and participants engage in meaningful debates on the future of privacy in Africa.
  8. Sectoral Approach – The sectoral lens approach analyzes privacy issues in sectors like healthcare, finance, education, and telecommunications. Each sector has unique characteristics and requirements, necessitating tailored privacy protections. This approach helps understand the complexities of data privacy in Africa.
  9. Conversation with Regulators – A panel of regulators responsible for enforcing privacy laws in Africa discusses the current state of privacy protection on the continent. This provides attendees with valuable insights into regulatory aspects of data privacy.
  10. Conversation with Legislators – A panel of African legislators discusses privacy issues and legislation in their respective countries. The discussion covers challenges in enacting privacy legislation and experiences in implementing privacy laws.

For more information about the PSA, please visit https://privacysymposiumafrica.com/.