V Andrei Stenin  Photo Contest Seeks Entries


flower_standalone_engInformation agency Rossiya Segodnya, in partnership with Russian Commission for UNESCO  is now accepting entries for the V Andrei Stenin International Photojournalism Contest.

The contest is open to professional photojournalists aged 18 to 33 from around the world. who must submit sample photographs as part of their application

Participants’ entries can contain a single photograph or series of no more than 12 photographs. The contest categories include top news, sports, portraits and more.

Participants will submit photographs which must have been taken after January 1, 2018.

The prizes consist of a grand prize of RUB700,000 (US$10,171). The first, second and third place prizes in each category are RUB100,000 (US$1,453), RUB75,000 (US$1,089) and RUB50,000 (US$726), respectively.

The contest is organized in honor of Russian journalist, V Andrei Stenin, who was killed in Ukraine in August 2014.

Applications close on February 28, 2019.

For more information, click: https://stenincontest.com/