VGIK International Summer School for Filmmakers Calls for Entries


The VGIK International Summer School organized by the Russian State University of Cinematography has called for applications from international students in film directing, cinematography, animation, multimedia and computer graphics to participate in this year’s summer school which will take place from July 3 to 21, 2017. The deadline for submission of applications is May 10, 2017.

Applicants must provide the following: completed application form with
• One photograph
• Letter of recommendation from a school or master
• Thriller of a film shot in the course of your studies at a film school, academy, or university (subtitled in English), or a link to the video
• Synopsis or your vision of your future documentary or animation films to be shot at the VGIK International Summer School. This must correspond with the school slogan.
The submitted thriller is to be approved by the pre-selection committee and the Art director of the school. Once shortlisted, you are to comply with the School’s Rules and Regulations, The VGIK International Summer School covers all your accommodation & meal expenses, transportation and production costs as well as provides all necessary shooting equipment for the duration period of the course.
The School will arrange a tour around the city (in English) for its participants. Participants will have an opportunity to meet renowned European and Russian filmmakers and acquire practical knowledge and the participants of the school are given a chance to hold the copyrights on the shot video. The School Slogan: Mordovian land – Harmony, Stability, Creativity and the working language of the school is English.
The programme of the VGIK International Summer School consists of two sections:
• Documentary section takes place in the City of Saransk (Republic of Mordovia), an Old Russian city, well-known for its history, architecture, sceneries, and its cultural heritage.
• Animation section will be held at VGIK Animation & Multimedia Department film studios in Moscow.
Note: duration period of school activities is from July 10-21, 2017
The documentary & animation sections activities include:
• Various filmmaking & animation techniques workshops
• Tutorials and training shooting on the basis of adopted techniques
• Documentary film creating (the subject of a film should correspond with the summer school slogan, its running time should be no more than 10 minutes)
• Animation film creating or animation training (the subject of a film should echo the summer school slogan, its running time should be up to 1-3 minutes)
To send your submissions or for further information about the 9th VGIK International Summer School, applicants can contact: with the subject line “VGIK International Summer School”.