Whistleblowers Protection Coalition Condemns Governor’s Intimidation of Journalists


downloadThe Coalition for Whistleblowers Protection and Press Freedom (CWPPF) has condemned the blatant intimidation, harassment and continuous attack on journalists and media houses by Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State

In a statement issued by Ms Stephanie O. Adams, CWPPF condemned the illegal banning of the correspondents of The Sun newspaper, ChijiokeAgwu, and the Vanguard Newspaper, Peter Okutu, from entering Government House and Government facilities in the State for life saying the decision by the governor is absurd considering that the government house is not private property.

The Coalition called on Governor Umahi to respect the Constitution that guarantees the rights of journalists to gather and disseminate information to the public and hold the government accountable. It pointed out that banning journalists from covering and reporting on the activities of the government as the governor has done is in direct violation of this right and so cannot be allowed to stand.

The group said it noted the thinly veiled threats to the life and wellbeing of Chijioke and Peter, reminding the governor that he has a responsibility to protect every citizen in the state including these journalists and that if any harm comes to these journalists, the governor will account for them.

It called on civil society actors and human rights defenders to stand up against this unlawful decision by the governor of Ebonyi state saying such unconstitutional decisions must not be allowed to stand.