Women Photograph Accepting Applications for 2024 Documentary Project Grants

Ms Daniella Zalcman, Founder and Executive Director, Women Photograph

Women Photograph, a non-profit established to elevate the voices of women and nonbinary visual journalists, is accepting applications from women, nonbinary, transgender and intersex documentary photographers of any nationality from around the world for its 2024 project grants.

The $5,000 grants are used to support photography projects either new or in-progress from visual journalists working in a documentary capacity. Five grants are available, at least one of which will be earmarked for a nonbinary or transgender photographer.

Central to Women Photograph’s mission is to be inclusive of and support work from photographers who represent a diverse range of identities, geographies, and experiences. Applicants do not need to be a member of Women Photograph to apply.

Funding may be used to cover the hard costs of reporting, photographers’ creative fees, and any other expenses that support the production of new work. This grant is not meant to support the production of books, exhibitions, workshops, or other secondary materials.

Applicants are encouraged to submit one story, rather than singles, as part of the grant application. The images need not be related to the project proposal (but applicants are expected to specify in their application if the images are unrelated to their proposal).

There is no application fee required for the grant. Applications must be submitted in English, but applications translated using services like Google Translate are welcomed.

There are no restrictions on camera equipment used for either grant. Grantees will retain full ownership of all work completed.

Grantees will be asked to produce promotional images to be used explicitly in conjunction with promoting the photographer, the work, and the grants.

Applications close by May 15, 2024.

Interested applicants should please visit https://bit.ly/3WaHJDS to apply for the grant.