World Press Institute Fellowship Accepting Entries for 2024 Programme

David McDonald, Executive Director, World Press Institute

The World Press Institute (WPI), a nonprofit, educational organization based in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota, in the United States, is now accepting entries from journalists from around the world with at least five years of full-time employment in print, broadcast or online journalism for its 2024 fellowship programme.

The fellowship will bring together 10 professional journalists from around the world to tour the United States and gain access to its premier media outlets, think tanks, advocacy organizations, policymakers, and everyday people.

As part of the immersive tour, the selected journalists will experience the news and events as they happen in real-time. From presidential tweet storms and debates to models for public and private education, to surviving in the digital world and more. WPI fellows get inside the headlines to engage with the news and newsmakers.

The fellowship begins in late August/early September 2024. The fellows spend a few weeks in Minnesota and then travel to several US cities, including New York and Washington, for briefings, interviews and visits. They return to Minnesota for the final week of the programme.

Applicants must have demonstrated leadership potential, including five years of full-time news experience and fluency in English. Freelancers are eligible. Ukrainian journalists are encouraged to apply as a spot in the 2024 fellowship is dedicated to a journalist from Ukraine.

Submission of applications closes on February 15, 2024.

For further information and to apply, please visit

World Press Institute (WPI) was established in 1961 to strengthen and promote the founding principles and best practices of journalism in the United States and around the world that lead to transparency and accountability of the government and private sectors.