COL Drafts 2015 – 2021 Strategic Plan


The Common Wealth of Learning (COL) has drafted a strategic plan for 2015-2021 that provides an overall framework to guide the activities of COL.

The draft plan is based on extensive consultations around the Commonwealth and has been published for the consideration and review of stakeholders. The COL’s mandate is to help government institutions and organizations broaden the scope, efficiency and quality of learning by using appropriate open and technology enabled learning.

According to the CEO of the COL, Prof Asha Kanwar, “the strategy retains some of the key Successful elements of COL’s work and incorporates new concerns that will help them to enhance them impact”. He mentioned a few shifts noted in the document some of which were the change in the theme to now “Learning for Sustainable Development”; the timeframe for the implementation of the strategy has increased from 3 to 6 years; and the support for formal and non-formal education to sustain lifelong learning.

The Plan will be approved by the COL Board of Governors and endorsed by Commonwealth Education Ministers in June, 2015. Click here to view the plan.