Inside Government Holds Forum on Cyber Crime


The UK-based Partnership Media Group Limited, otherwise known as Inside Government, will hold a forum with the theme: “Tackling Cyber Crime 2015: Enhancing Cyber Security in the UK” on March 4, 2015 in central London.

According to Inside Government, “Cyberspace is vital to the economy, with the UK’s internet ecosystem worth an estimated £82 billion a year – and rising. The UK is therefore heavily invested in the success of the internet. However, if the benefits of cyberspace are to continue to be enjoyed, the UK must work together to improve cyber security and safeguard against cyber crime.”

The forum provides delegates with an update on the latest policies and strategies for tackling cybercrime in the UK, where the threats and opportunities presented by cyber security are constantly evolving. Delegates will analyze best practice case studies for improving cyber security and effectively safeguarding against the risks of cybercrime to ensure business and service continuity.

Attendees at this interactive strategy discussion will get a firsthand opportunity to network with peers and fellow cyber security & crime stakeholders on what latest policy and funding is in place to effectively safeguard against the risks of cybercrime and ensure service continuity in the UK.

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will include detective inspectors, account executives, cyber security leads, heads of business development, heads of IT, heads of infrastructure, risk analyses, intelligence assessors and heads of operational security and will be drawn from police, the criminal justice sector, local and central government, Higher Education and the private and voluntary sectors.

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