Italy Joins Freedom Online Coalition as its 33rd Member

Mr. Benedetto Della Vedova
Italy’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Freedom Online Coalition (FOC), a group of countries working together to advance human rights online, has announced that Italy has joined the Coalition as its 33rd member. Italy has pledged to uphold and advance the Coalition’s shared goals and values as stated in the FOC Founding Declaration and the Tallinn Recommendations for Freedom Online.

Mr. Benedetto Della Vedova, Italy’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs said: “We’re thrilled to join the Freedom Online Coalition, a group of partners and friends from different parts of the world. With them we share the commitment to support Internet freedom as well as to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms online and offline.”

In recent years, Italy has demonstrated a commitment to protecting human rights both online and offline through its participation in various national and international forums. Italy works to promote net neutrality and actively protects the liberty, equality, dignity and unique diversity of each individual in the online environment through its national Declaration on Internet Rights.

Italy is a firm advocate for the protection of democratic spaces in line with the Freedom Online Coalition’s principles, and frequently engages in multistakeholder discussions ensuring input is received from academia, civil society and the private sector on topics concerning Internet freedom domestically.

The country will be an active participant in the FOC’s various bodies and diplomatic networks to promote the values of democracy and human rights online domestically and abroad.

The FOC has expressed delight at welcoming Italy and looks forward to working collaboratively to support Internet freedom and protect human rights online worldwide.

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