OGP Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Impact Track Awards

Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, OGP

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Open Government Partnership (OGP), is launching the Open Government Awards to recognize the most impactful commitments from across the partnership. The community will vote to choose for the best commitments from each of OGP’s four regions through a People’s Choice award.

The selection process will comprise of three steps as follows:

The initial selection will be based on data produced by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) in order to choose the winners. OGP has made a list of commitments that were assessed by the IRM to either have a star or a Major or Outstanding effect on opening government. Because of its assessment process, OGO has only included commitments in action plans made from 2012 to 2018.

The second step will involve official government points of contact (POC) submitting one commitment out of the list that has had a demonstrated and sustained improvement in people’s lives or in the quality of democracy. OGP strongly encourage that this should be an inclusive and participatory selection process that incorporates feedback from the Multistakeholder Forum (MSF) and any relevant partners who were involved in advancing these commitments.

OGP encourages partners to reach out to their government’s POC and MSF if they want to participate in this process.

In the third and final stage, once OGP has received all commitments and checked the information received, they will be showcased for the OGP community on the OGP website. At this point, the community will vote for three commitments from each region during the first week of October 2021. Winners will be recognized at the OGP Global Summit.

The deadline to nominate a commitment is September 13, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.