Finland to Host DCN Global Media Literacy Forum

Dr. Nikos Panagiotou, President, DCN Global

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, will be host city for the Digital Communication Network (DCN) Global Media Literacy Forum, an international event organised to address the critical role of media literacy in today’s educational landscape, scheduled to take place on July 17 and 18, 2024.

The forum will explore the theme “Unlocking Media Literacy: Shaping Tomorrow’s Mind”, focusing on the importance of media literacy in today’s world, which is filled with misinformation made worse by rapid technological advancements.

The event’s host, Finland, a pioneer in fostering critical thinking and media literacy in education, has a history of effectively tackling disinformation campaigns by implementing innovative strategies to equip its students with the tools needed to navigate today’s media landscape.

Discussions will explore the concepts and practices of media literacy within a complex and diverse world, linking them to the challenges and opportunities of a country that has already integrated them into public policies.

Guests from all over the world will examine the state of media literacy across regions, whether in formal education (basic schools and university curricula), non-formal settings (extra courses and afterschool activities), or informal contexts (media programmes, libraries, museums, and lifelong learning experiences).

The goal is to compile insights, discoveries, and best practices into a comprehensive DCN Global map. The collaborative document from the event, to be finalized by the end of the year, will serve as a guide to exemplary media literacy programs worldwide, offering a roadmap for educators and policymakers.

The forum will be held in a hybrid format. Interested persons can participate online by visiting to register.