Journalists  to Benefit from RJI Fellowship Programme

Randy Picht, Executive Director, RJI
Randy Picht, Executive Director, RJI

The fellowship programme sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), invites proposals from people who have innovative ideas to improve the practice of journalism.

The institute offers residential, non-residential and institutional fellowships. Residential fellows spend eight months on the Missouri campus, taking advantage of the intellectual and technological resources of RJI and the university while interacting with Missouri faculty and students. These fellows receive a US$10,000 monthly stipend, plus a one-time US$10,000 housing allowance.

Non-residential fellowships are designed for employees of news, technology or related company who have ideas they can develop while continuing in their jobs. These fellows receive a US$20,000 stipend for the eight-month program, paid in US$2,500 monthly installments.

The US$20,000 institutional fellowship stipend is paid to the company or institution and can be used to hire a freelancer or temporary contractor to fill in for an employee as needed or for other project needs.

Application closes on 31 January, 2018.

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