Soldiers Brutalise Newspaper Correspondent


On February 4, 2015 at about 10am armed soldiers deployed to provide security in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State in South-west Nigeria, brutalised Mr. Wole Balogun, the Ekiti State correspondent of Daily Sun for allegedly causing obstruction on the road. He was on his way to cover an event by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to which he was invited.

Balogun said he was asking a motorist who had blocked his way and caused a gridlock to back up his vehicle when two unidentified soldiers swooped on him and began to beat him with their belts. He added that his attempts to explain the situation to the soldiers were ignored as they whipped him continuously on his head and body till he rushed into his car and drove off to avert further tragedy.

Narrating his ordeal, Balogun said: “Yesterday morning, I was driving to the State University (EKSU) campus for an event of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), which I was invited to cover.

“As I approached the Okeyinmi roundabout opposite a bank in the area, there was traffic.

“I tried to negotiate the bend so I could pass through Okeyinmi Road but a motorist, who was driving down from the same road, blocked my way.

“I hooted several times but he was adamant. I came out of my car to meet him.

“Two young soldiers appeared behind me and started beating me with their belts and boots. They whipped and kicked me several times and ordered me to enter my car and drive to anywhere.

“All my attempts to explain the situation were rebuffed. They appeared infuriated by my explanation as they continuously hit me in the head.

“I ran to my car and drove off. I couldn’t drive far because I was covered in blood and couldn’t see.”

Thereafter, he went to a private hospital for treatment.