Media Freedom Coalition Announces Estonia as New Co-Chair

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

Canada and the Netherlands have joined Estonia to announce that Estonia will be succeeding Canada as the new co-chair of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), a partnership of countries working together to advocate for media freedom and the safety of journalists. Estonia will take over as co-chair of the coalition from July 1, 2023, in a significant move that highlights the country’s commitment to promoting and safeguarding media freedom worldwide.

Estonia’s selection as co-chair of the Coalition underscores its longstanding dedication to democratic principles and human rights. The country has consistently been recognized as a leader in digital innovation, e-governance, and internet freedom. Its vibrant media landscape, characterized by diverse voices and robust journalism, further underscores Estonia’s suitability for this pivotal role.

As co-chair, Estonia is expected to play a vital role in shaping the Coalition’s strategic direction and spearheading initiatives to promote media freedom. The country’s experience in leveraging technology for governance and its expertise in cybersecurity will undoubtedly contribute to innovative solutions aimed at ensuring the safety and integrity of journalists and their work.

The selection of Estonia as the new co-chair of the Media Freedom Coalition represents a remarkable opportunity to drive meaningful change in protecting media freedom globally. By harnessing its expertise, values, and diplomatic influence, Estonia can propel the coalition’s agenda forward and inspire other nations to follow suit. As the fight for media freedom continues, Estonia’s leadership brings renewed hope for a world where journalists can work without fear and where the press serves as a cornerstone of democracy.

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Estonia is honored to assume the co-chairmanship of the Media Freedom Coalition. We firmly believe in the fundamental importance of a free press and the critical role it plays in a functioning democracy. We are committed to advancing media freedom globally and protecting journalists from threats and attacks.”

Estonia’s elevation to this prominent position comes at a time when press freedom faces escalating challenges worldwide. Journalists and media organizations continue to confront a myriad of obstacles, including threats, violence, and legal restrictions. The rise of disinformation and the erosion of trust in the media have further exacerbated the need for concerted international action.

The Media Freedom Coalition, an international alliance of governments and civil society organizations, strives to defend media independence and protect journalists from harassment, censorship, and violence. It aims to strengthen media pluralism, enhance safety mechanisms for journalists, and foster an environment where the press can operate freely and without undue interference.

The Coalition has already achieved notable milestones in its pursuit of protecting press freedom. With Estonia assuming co-chairmanship, the coalition is poised to take even bolder steps to safeguard the fourth estate’s independence. Estonia’s leadership in this role brings fresh optimism and momentum to the ongoing struggle for media freedom worldwide.